“Best laugh, Best frowning, Best belly” Gammanpila to host online new year games 

Former MP Udaya Gammanpila to host online new year games 

Since the public has been asked to celebrate the dawn of the Sinhala – Tamil new year at homes, the current SLPP-led government stalwart, former MP Udaya Gammanpila has announced through his official Facebook page that he will host an online new year games event.

According to the event poster, the event will have several traditional fun games such as the best laugh, the best frowning, the best beard, the best belly, the best bald head and the longest hair as well.

Taking a step further to educate and make awareness to the public, he has also included two more items titled the best anti-Corona activity and the best anti-Corona post.

The winners will be awarded data packages as an appreciation for their efforts.