SLPP calls on voters to boycott LIOC Fuel sheds

The ruling party SLPP yesterday called on its voters to boycott Lanka Indian Oil Company (LIOC) fuel stations, as a first measure against the latter decision to increase fuel prices.

Former United Peoples Freedom Alliance Parliamentarian, Dilan Perera, addressing the SLPP media briefing yesterday said that if the LIOC was adamant on increasing prices despite a drop on global oil prices, the governments first step to control this would be to call on the voters to avoid LIOC fuel shed.

“President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and all those in his Government call on the 6.9 million people who voted for him to boycott the LIOC petrol sheds as they are disregarding government instruction using legal loopholes,” Perera said.

He said that the UNP Government was to blame for allowing the LIOC to be established as a private entity and that requesting the people to only use Ceylon Petroleum corporation fuel outlets while shunning LIOC was the first step in the government taking back control of fuel prices in Sri Lanka.

Lanka IOC earlier this week decided to roll back the reduction of Rs. 5/litre on the price of petrol (LP92) which was made on 6 April.

With that revision LP92 price is now Rs. 142/litre at LIOC sheds against Rs. 137/litre at CPC sheds. However, LIOC’s diesel price is on par with CPC.

Former MP Dilan Perera also said that it’s cheaper for consumers to pump CPC fuel rather pumping LIOC paying more.