Dead man returns home a month since ‘burial’ 

May 22, 2020 at 7:58 PM

A man named Dandiris Perera was identified as dead about a month ago due to an accident which took place in Athurugiriya. As the relatives identified the body to be his. Subsequently his family members completed the final rites of him and buried the body.

However, Dandiris Perera, a resident of Meegoda, Muthuhena area, returned to his home yesterday, much to the astonishment and surprise of everyone in his village.

According to Mr. Perera, he left for work on the 04th of February and could not return home until his surprise visit, due to the travel restrictions applied during the subsistence of the curfew because of Coronavirus threat.

“When I came home, they all ran way in shock. I had to come with Police to tell them what happened. I might be the first person who saw his own grave yard” Dandiris Perera said.

It is still unclear as to how this confusion took place and a question erupts that if Dandiris is alive, who is the person who got a burial a month ago in place of Dandiris.

එලොව ගිහින් මෙලොව ආව කළුතර මාමා

එලොව ගිහින් මෙලොව ආව කළුතර මාමා

Posted by Live at 8 on Thursday, 21 May 2020