PodHUB and Classic Funtime are collaborating on a very unique project and are set to launch a virtual music video in tribute to all frontline workers battling against Covid-19, on 30th of June at 9.30 pm on the PodHUB Facebook page. Over 40 local artists and performers spanning different generations will come together to sing and perform Bill Withers’ famous song, ‘Lean On Me’ rearranged to be sung in 3 languages: English, Sinhala and Tamil. This virtual music video will be released on 30th of June to coincide with Bill Withers 3rd month death anniversary. 

This song has a very broad appeal, as people from just about any background can relate to the lyrics. Bill Withers was quoted saying, “It’s a rural song that translates across demographic lines. Who could argue with the fact that it would be nice to have somebody who really was that way? My experience was, there were people who were that way. They would help you out.” Over the years, this song has inspired millions of people to ‘lean on a friend’ in time of need. We have witnessed that today. Covid-19 plunged Sri Lanka into a depression, leaving many individuals and businesses on the brink of survival, but our frontline workers have been working tirelessly to eliminate this virus. We are certainly leaning on them for progress. 

Speaking on the project, Shaq, CEO & Co-Founder of PodHUB said, “This is a result of lockdown convos. Ideas were bounced around and we wanted to do something with the entertainers who have given so much for us in the past. Even though ‘we’ have somewhat got back to a way of life, the guys and gals who make a living on stage, are still waiting. We wanted to try and bring them together, keeping the safety conditions in play, and attempt something unique and play tribute at the same time”. Imran Saibo, Managing Director of Classic Funtime, who has worked with many entertainers for his events and productions, helped rope in the names for the song, said, “a casual conversation, an admiration of all those in the frontlines facing an unknown enemy, the challenge of putting together 40+ voices, and not forgetting the boredom, a byproduct of the Covid-19 syndrome resulted in the production of ‘Lean On Me‘”.  The song’s Executive Producer and Director and Co-Founder of PodHUB, Azlan Sheriffdeen said, “it’s been a whirlwind of a ride, but what a blessing it has been to work with the best in the industry coming together to show our unity and drive to stand together.”

In honor, artists and performers have stuck to the health ministry guidelines and recorded their video in the safety of their homes and workplaces making sure to maintain social distancing. This will be the first time that over 40 artists have come together to virtually launch a music video.