Sri Lankan ceiling products stir Chinese trade monopoly

China is now acclaimed as the main centre which provides goods and services to the world market. Even Sri Lanka has been importing a lot of goods from China. The internal discussion that the local businesses need to be rebuilt has emerged yet again, specially after the recent downfall businesses as a whole experienced with the recent pandemic.

However, this discussion has been restricted to verbal conversations only and not into action because of Chinese goods being sent to our country for cheaper prices. Moreover, even in the product manufacturing businesses, manufacturers have been relying on raw materials imported from China.

In a world where China has been dominating with its monopoly, a Sri Lankan company has been successful in breaking such monopoly in the field of domestic PVC ceiling products. That is none other than “I Panel” Manufacturing Company. The Chinese dominance in the field of PVC ceiling products has been hugely impacted by the Sri Lankan influence through this company.

I Panel products are manufactured with 100% Sri Lankan technology and has taken the world market by storm while they have been able to preserve the Sri Lankan identity and reputation in the short span of their time in the industry.