Police seize 122 weapons in 24- day islandwide raids

The Police have seized over 120 weapons during islandwide raids conducted over the last 24 days from 06 -30 June.

During raids conducted on organized crimes, the Police seized 122 weapons, including 11 T- 56 firearms, one T-81 firearm, Twenty- six 12- Bore guns, 3 pistols, 36 locally manufactured weapons, 46 repeater revolvers, 9 other firearms, and 3 swords.

A total of 89 persons were arrested by the Police Special Task Force (STF) over the seized weapons.

The Police had also arrested 10 suspects for the possession of 377 explosive substances, 23 detonators, and 13 hand grenades.

Meanwhile, a total of 7.14 Kg of heroin has been seized during the raids with 6140 suspects being arrested in connection to the haul.

The Police also seized 295 Kg of cannabis during the raids and arrested 4413 individuals for its possession.

A total of 125 grams of crystal methamphetamine aka ICE has also been seized with 415 suspects being arrested in connection to the narcotic.

Over 400, 000 liters of illicit liquor has been seized and 198 suspects have been arrested in this regard, the Police added. (Newswire)