Interview: 5 questions with Eranda Weliange, former Youth Council Chairman and Samagi Jana Balawegaya Colombo District candidate

July 31, 2020 at 5:04 PM

Samagi Jana Balawegaya Colombo District candidate Eranda Weliange has answered five questions in an interview pertaining to the 05 August Parliamentary polls and his goals for Sri Lanka.


1) If you get elected, what would be the first issue to be addressed in Parliament by you? 

There isn’t one issue but many that should be focused on. As a youth representative, my main goal is to represent the common issues we youth face today. Socio-economic, cultural & technological problems should be primarily looked into and solving these common problems is my ambition

2) What are the issues that are of utmost concern to the youth in this country?

Children are the future of our nation and as a representative of youth, I have understood that education is a basic necessity. 

The unemployment rate in Sri Lanka can also be controlled if our youth are educated properly with the ability to improve their cognitive and language skills. Further, technology plays a vital role for all youth. Developing the technological infrastructure along with developing the creativity of youth with modern innovations is what I will be focussing on since Sri Lankan youth has a vast potential in developing in terms of technology.

3) You had proposed for the imposition of the death penalty for Child Abusers. Why do you think there is a spike in such cases?

Child abusers are on the rise over the last few years, since the voices of children aren’t heard. Everyone else is focused on developing the economy but they aren’t aware that children are our future. By developing mechanisms to make sure that their voices are heard and imposing the death penalty for child abusers is what I strongly believe in

4) As a Legal Professional, what necessary changes do you propose to the Judiciary and the legal field?  

The Judiciary, the Legislature, and the Executive in a country is created for the betterment of the people. When considering the current situation in Sri Lanka, the Judiciary requires a longer time to complete a legal case. This is a burden for the people when they seek help from the judiciary. Therefore, it is very important to expedite these proceedings and to create the necessary foundations to improve the people’s wellbeing. After all the people should be looked after by the Judiciary, the Legislature, and the Executive

5) Why should people from Colombo elect you as their representative?

With the support of people, my main aim is to strengthen Colombo with democracy, transparency & protecting human rights while enriching living standards and developing the infrastructure facilities. When overlooking the Colombo District as a whole, several issues have caught my attention. Over the years, there are a large number of issues reported such as housing, and lavatory, irrigation, and employment. Centralizing the capital of Sri Lanka and creating a well-developed public transport system is also something that I will look into. (Newswire)