Havelock city – an investment for the future

Luxury Apartments in Colombo Sri Lanka | Havelock City

Sri Lanka’s premier mixed development project, Havelock city, is to be completed by 2021 and thereby provide users with a one-of-a-kind, multi-functional complex in Colombo.

The outcome will include eight residential towers, a commercial development project consisting of a 50 storey Office Tower named “Mireka Tower” providing grade A office space adjoining a shopping mall. Mireka Tower will provide businesses with modern and efficient workspaces with increased accessibility and inspiring environments in its surroundings.

This will be complemented by increased accessibility to leading bus routes and a proposed LRT station at the entrance to Havelock City.

This development will especially benefit the eight residential towers of Havelock City, where the final Phase 4 is to be completed by February 2021. A few units from Phase 3 (including a Certificate of Conformity from the UDA) are available for immediate occupation by residents who are looking to truly experience the concept of a ‘city within a city’.

Thereby Havelock city is geared to provide existing and future residents with the investment opportunity of a lifetime. The design and functionality of all components (residential, commercial, and environmental) are interconnected to provide holistic and wholesome opportunities for the future.