Covid patient detected from Koggala factory where over 1,000 employed

October 30, 2020 at 12:42 PM

An employee of the Brandix apparel factory in Koggala has tested positive for coronavirus.

Galle district Regional Epidemiologist Venura K. Singarachchi said that a PCR test conducted on the employee had revealed that she had contracted the virus.

Two female employees of the factory had been treated at the factory’s medical clinic after suffering from a cold and cough.

They had thereafter received treatment at the Galle Mahamodara hospital, during which the doctors had conducted PCR tests on the patients.
The PCR test results had revealed that one employee among the two had contracted the coronavirus and measures were taken to admit the infected patient to hospital yesterday (29).

Venura K. Singarachchi said the other employee was placed in self –isolation at her residence after showing symptoms of the virus, while a second PCR test is scheduled to be conducted after a few days.

The two employees who are residents of Rathgama, Galle are reported to have travelled to work in private transport provided by the company. Nearly 75-100 other employees of the factory are reported to have travelled in the transport along with the patient.

The Galle district Regional Epidemiologist further said that PCR tests were conducted on 62 first contacts of the infected woman, and the samples have been sent to the laboratories in the Karapitiya hospital in Galle and the Sri Jayawardenapura Univeristy.

The results are scheduled to be received by this afternoon.

The 62 first contacts of the patients have been placed under quarantine at their residences under the instructions of the public health inspectors and protection of the Police, until their PCR test results are received.

Venrua K. Singarachchi added that a total of 1500 male and female workers are employed at the Brandix factory in Koggala. (NewsWire)