A journey to discover true happiness in the hearts of children and the elderly

November 18, 2020 at 1:32 PM

Introducing Children to Dementia - Golden Heart Senior Care - Arizona

Our lives are all about three generations. We start our lives having a close bond with our parents. At some point in our lives we create a new bond – the one with our children. The blood that runs through our veins creates the bonds between three generations – our parents, us and our children. Do you realise that Mother Nature has created these bonds in order to give us happiness?¬†Every smile on our children’s faces, every moment of joy enjoyed by our elders always fills our hearts with happiness.

As our lives become even more hectic we have limited time on our hands. Almost unknowingly, most of our time is spent on looking into the needs of our children and living our daily lives. As adults, our parents are able to understand our struggles. That is why they always wish us well and wait for us to visit them without pointing any fingers. But they are not doing this willingly or unwillingly. They do it out of sheer patience. In their final years, they learn to continue living their lonely lives while taking care of their frail bodies. Their twilight years can be made much better with the support of their children and grandchildren.

When it comes to children, as these are the early years of their lives, their minds are full of curiosity. They are very keen to try out new things. If the parents don’t keep an eye on them they won’t think twice about doing something dangerous. That is why children need the love and attention of elders. They can grow up happy and build strong, attractive personalities only if they are in a world of happiness and protection.

So, in this world of children and the elderly we are their guardians. We show them that we possess true strength. If we don’t give them protection, attention and strength, this world of children and elders falls apart. It becomes a sad, desperate situation.

As they age, the elderly start behaving more like children. This is a common theory that each and every one of us have heard at least once in our lives. What is this all about? A certain party had taken a good hard look and done an interesting research project on this matter.

The project helped us to see the happiness, sadness, hopes and dreams within their hearts when they were being videoed. That is how this powerful message to celebrate World Children’s Day and International Elders’ Day was created by Seylan Bank, the bank with a heart, together with Boutique Agency. Everybody fell in love with it instantly. Taking time away from their busy schedules, they all felt a strong connection to the special bond created by Mother Nature between the child and a grandparent.

Their conversation began with a simple question.

They are asked what the happiest moment in their lives was.

Both the children and elders give their answers.

The children say it is when they are playing.

One elder recalls about a trip he went on.

“We went on a trip where we had to dance all the way to the Devaalaya”

Another elderly person says that her happiest days are the ones where she gets to spend time with her grandchild.

Then they are asked a set of new questions…

What is the saddest day in your life?

An elderly mother says, “The saddest day was when I lost my husband.”

To one child, the saddest day is when he has to attend school.

“We can’t run around and play in school.”

They ask another question…

The day you were most scared?

One child claims he has never been scared in his life.

One elderly person was scared the day he met with an accident on his motorbike. Another child got scared the day a silencer burnt him.

An elephant had frightened one particular elderly lady.

“The elephant put his trunk into the vehicle and we screamed,” she said.

Another elderly person was terrified the day his home got burgled.

At this point we feel that both these parties are the same. It is wonderful to see how our hearts feel such emotions.

But the final question they faced changes everything and gives us a new perspective.

If you can get anything you want, what would you ask for?

An elderly person – The chance to live a long, healthy life

A child – A bicycle

A child – A laptop

An elderly person – If I can live happily and die peacefully that’s more than enough

A child – I will also ask for a make-up set

The very same thoughts that cross our minds about these words are brought up next in the advertisement.

“Children’s thoughts are pure and simple because they are new to this world. The elderly have deep, sensitive thoughts as they have lived long lives.”

They bring out a simple truth in a powerful way and our hearts feel such emotions. It also teaches us that both the elderly and the children are lucky as they lead happy lives.

“Those who are able to share their lives, thoughts and dreams with both these parties are very lucky.

It’s a message to your heart from Seylan Bank, the bank with a heart, and one that is known to treat everyone equally.

This socially responsible message from Seylan Bank and Boutique Agency was embraced by everyone. One must be very lucky to enjoy true happiness in life. We feel this too.

“Thank you for this kind message!” we say to Seylan Bank and Boutique Agency.