Daraz opens donation portals through Daraz Cares

May 21, 2020 at 7:47 PM

Partners with UNICEF, Sri Lanka Red Cross, Heal Lanka and Leads Sri Lanka

As the whole country battles to limit the adverse impact of Covid – 19, Daraz has expanded its Daraz Cares portal to help some of the most vulnerable of groups at present. Collaborating with UNICEF, Sri Lanka Red Cross Society, Heal Lanka and Leads Sri Lanka, Daraz Cares allows users to donate to a variety of causes that will support the elderly in their medical needs, providing medical staff with essential medical accessories as well as helping the poor households, through the purchase of coronavirus (covid-19) donation vouchers in Sri Lanka.


Through UNICEF Sri Lanka, Daraz customers are able to support the donation of emergency medical supplies for front liners and supporting water, sanitation and hygiene in high risk areas, while by choosing the Sri Lankan Red Cross Society, they can donate towards the society directly to support their initiatives or sponsor a volunteer. There is also the option of purchasing a medical voucher for the elderly or buy a food bag for a poor family, or opt to save lives of the medical staff.

Both Heal Lanka and Leads Sri Lanka have opened avenues to help families through donation of dry rations. In addition users can donate towards providing therapeutic care for children and provide sanitary items for girl children in a respite home through Leads Sri Lanka. 

Donation vouchers range from Rs. 150 to Rs. 5,000, making it possible to everyone to contribute to the critical needs of the time. The process is simple; select the donation package, place your order and select the digital payment method. Donors will receive a confirmation e-mail upon reception of funds. Daraz Cares has collected a donation value of over Rs. 950,000 and provided for almost 625 families at present. You can donate online to charity organizations in Sri Lanka and play your role in supporting the poor and needy Sri Lankans during these times. You can also make healthcare support donations online via Daraz Sri Lanka.

Speaking about the initiative and partnerships, Managing Director of Daraz in Sri Lanka, Rakhil Fernando stated, “Daraz is proud to be able to partner with these groups in their support towards medical staff who are out there at the front line on behalf of all of us, as well as those who are unable to support themselves due to various states of lockdown and the interruption of day to day life. As Sri Lanka’s biggest online shopping platform, we have made this option available to all our users to be a part of the donation while staying safe”.

“The partnership between DarazForGood and Heal Lanka came at a time when Sri Lankans from all walks of life needed a helping hand, and as we mobilized to assist, having Daraz by our side at such a critical time enables donors, including those overseas, to join our effort. Directly through this initiative, Heal Lanka was able to touch the lives of nearly 200 underprivileged families until now, and we extend our sincere gratitude to Daraz for making us all come together for those in need,” added Amjad Mowlana from Heal Lanka.