PR Wire expands into Insights and Intelligence Services through PR Wire Intel 

June 9, 2020 at 4:41 PM

Dr. Nirmal De Silva and Dr. Ashan Perera to strengthen Advisory Board

Expanding its Strategic Public Relations offering, PR Wire, a leading Public Relations Consultancy, launched PR Wire Intel™, delivering powerful business insights leading to intelligence and decision making. Most businesses having identified the importance of solutions which help in decision making and are gradually turning towards services that would assist in realizing and understanding its market, customer and consumer much closer, identifying its business and opportunities and define direction strategically.

Public Relations or PR is a systematic process of Research, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation. The present market dynamics are deeply rooted with the significance of consumer psychology, market insights or needs or behaviors. PR Wire Intel team comprises of industry experts, business leaders and thought leaders who have excelled in their chosen professions. The expertise together with the use of innovative technological solutions will further give insights that will help any organization not only to adopt to change but also greater information about the market they operate, consumer or any new markets they should be in. 

Public Relations practice connects with intelligence and behavioral economics. Ashan Kumar Managing Director of PR Wire and PR Wire Intel explained, “We are now offering entire end to end services covering the Public Relations sphere. Our services will aid in applying behavioral science assisting brands to advance their understanding of human psychology, behavior and the stimuli which influence and inform the decision making process. We will further leverage these insights and help corporates to gain strong Business and Strategic directions through impact driven models”.

He further said, “The addition of Dr. Nirmal De Silva will bring in strong practical strategic direction for businesses, corporates and markets they operate in while Dr. Ashan Perera would bring in reach in connecting best practices globally, youth outreach and Sustainable Models which would help organizations to embrace a better and sustainable future which is the need of the hour”.

Speaking about the introduction Dr. Nirmal De Silva Chief Advisory commented, “Companies are facing unprecedented challenges in today’s VUCA world. There is no doubt that Companies will continue to face multiple challenges in the future as well. However, there will be many opportunities that will derive as a result. Companies need to explore these opportunities if they are to be ahead of the game and it can be done in a two-phase approach. Been informed and educated about these are the first phase, utilizing these information and adopting to new or existing business models is next. Understanding why you should adopt is strategic intent”.

PR Wire offers Public Relations consultation and services to meet business strategies that range from strategic public relations, intelligence, stakeholder relation, internal communication, external communication, reputation management, crisis communication and public affairs on rapidly changing platforms of communication. The consultancy won the Gold award at the PR World Awards in 2017 and 2019. PR Wire is Sri Lanka’s largest Public Relations Consultancy Group working closely with micro, small, medium and large organizations both locally and globally.

PR Wire Managing Director Ashan Kumar, Dr. Nirmal De Silva Chief Advisory, Dr. Ashan Perera Advisory