COVID-19 First (Death) Anniversary: Humanity Heinously Harmed and Havocked : Top 5 Victims

December 31, 2020 at 5:43 PM

By N.U. Abdul Razzak Udayar

“Corona, Corona quickly go away
Corona, Corona quickly go away
COVID-19, COVID-19 quickly go away
Everyone badly wants you not to stay
No one wants to be with you even for a single day
Corona, Corona never Ever Come again another day”

Obviously, these lines are the thoughts and prayers of every Tom, Dick and Harry that are being echoed around the globe as the pandemic, the COVID-19, infamously known as the Corona abruptly invaded the whole world causing unprecedented death and devastation of people and property directly and indirectly exactly a year ago. This tiny but lethal virus has brought the whole world under its knees giving a time of death, panic, and torture to people of all walks of life irrespective of their colour, creed and other differences across the globe. The figures of the causalities and the affected that are not in thousands but in millions rapidly get changed for the worst as more cases are being reported every moment.

The latest statistics of the WHO dashboard updated on 30th December 2020 show that there are 80,773,033 globally confirmed cases of this dreaded disease and 1,783619 innocent people who have untimely lost their precious lives. Apart from that, there are millions of people who are made unemployed and left stranded as they have got no income whatsoever to lead a peaceful life. Those who already lived from hand to mouth, miserably keep on trying to come out of their plight as a fair slice of the ordinary people try hard keep away the wolf from their doors.

Noticeably, thousands of factories are shut down and hundreds of shopping malls and markets have put up their shutters permanently as bankruptcy has forcibly entered them along with this invisible enemy. Unbelievably. hundreds of aero planes and national careers of most of the nations have been unrestingly idling and anxiously hoping to take back their wings to their far-off destinations to resume their daily routines. Thus, the international transport has almost come to a standstill leaving the whole humanity on the brink of annihilation.

Nearly more than 70 percent of the students across the globe cannot visit their second homes, the schools as they are pad locked for fear of this perilous pathogen though some schools run with a very lower turn out of the students with the complete implementation of the health protocols.
Certainly, the masses are at a crossroad not knowing what really to do as the scientists, doctors and health experts are in a big battle to find a permanent cure for this dangerous epidemic that spreads like wildfire when health guidelines are ignored.

In fact, Humanity is precariously placed at the edge of catastrophe as the COVID-19 has already heinously harmed and havocked the humanity leaving thousands dead, millions adversely affected in terms of mainly food, health, employment, education, religion travel and what not! As the COVID-19 marks its (death) anniversary it is apt have a look at the impact that it has made upon the society. It was 31st December 2019.

The WHO abruptly and cautiously announced that the outbreak of the corona, that is formally known as Novel COVID-19, in the distant Wuhan province, of the newest economic giant, China, where at a seafood and poultry market this deadly virus invisibly infiltrated some of its customers. It is alleged that the flesh of the wild creatures, such as bats, cats, rats, snakes and so on, was the source of this lethal virus. Therefore, it is high time that eating such ‘delicacy’ should be stopped forthwith, to save the human beings, as well as animals, including the wild beasts and weird creatures. The COVID-19 has been with us exactly for one year giving us a difficult time causing death and destruction in an unprecedented manner. Bravely, China has set a big example how to curb and control it as it is out of danger due to the strictest implementation of the health protocols and proper medication.

Top Five Victims

Today the COVID-19 has left no country unaffected as it has the ability to reach any destination in no time. The sheer negligence and the irresponsible behaviour of some of remembers of the society at every level be it village, city, region, province, or any nation has played into the hands of this tiny creature to show its dominance as it has no sympathy on any human life.

Since the COVID-19 has the knack and ability to get itself transformed into be various variants to cause carnage to the society it is the bounden duty of every human being to follow the health guidelines to the letter. After a struggle of a torturous year everyone has the complacency that there is light at the end of the tunnel. But, unluckily, the tunnel seems to be unending with the latest news from Europe confirms the United Kingdom is exposed to the danger of a new variant of the Covid-19 as it has closed it all borders for aviation and locked down many cities. According to the latest reports of the WHO, there are many countries that are adversely affected by this heinous bug.

The superpower America that was ruled by Donald Trump when the corona had its first inception is placed first under the list of mostly affected countries. There are 19,147,627 confirmed cases of this dangerous outbreak in the USA. In addition, 332,423 citizens of America have lost their precious live during the last 12 months. Our neighbour, India is placed second with 10,244,852 confirmed cases and the death toll is recorded as 148,439 there. Brazil has got the third spot as 7,504,833 Brazilians are infected with the corona. The causality is precisely 191,570 there. Russia and France are placed fourth and fifth respectively closely followed by the United Kingdom to be the 6th worst affected nation.

The Russian Federation has detected 3, 131,550 confirmed cases while 56,426 Russians have paid the penalty. There are 2,5030,400 confirmed cases in France, and it has lost 63,701 of its citizens in its relentless battle against corona. The United Kingdom that too initially failed to realize the gravity of this pandemic like America has got 2,382,869 corona infected cases and lost 71,567 of its citizens since its emergence. The focus of the whole world is on Great Britain as it is undergoing one of the toughest time suffering from the double whammy – the severe pain of the pandemic of vicious corona and the agony of unending divorce of Brexit.

The Impact of Corona 

The COVID-19 has heavily upended the whole human society causing severe hardship to all and sundry. There are its ramifications on social, educational, political, psychological and religious levels and other aspects of human life. The economies of many developed countries are in shambles and most of the developing countries find their struggle for progress more difficult as important sectors such as agriculture, farming fisheries, industries etc. are adversely affected due to the invasion of this tiny but vicious germ. The production of goods, appliances, food items and so on are in short supply for lack of capital labour and the like.

Education that is the investment of the younger generation, is severely affected by the COVID-19 as millions of students stay at home for nearly a year due to the threat of this dangerous endemic. The whole year of 2020 was a nightmare for students as they couldn’t properly get a sound education though distance education platforms such as Zoom rose to the occasion to deliver the lessons to these young learners. What about the education of the tiny tots, the pre graders and early learners? Is it really possible for them to learn at home getting interaction and socialization? Distance learning cannot give them what is given at the premises of the school. Certainly, the closure of the centres of pre learning places such as creches, day-care-centres, infant schools, kindergartens, Montessories, nurseries are a big blow to these kids who badly need the care guidance and training of the second parents, the teachers. The whole world has been at the receiving end in terms education due to the emergence the uncontrollable corona.

The masses of the whole world suffered/ still suffer silently in different ways at different places such as homes, workstations etc. as social distancing has given a tough time. Frequent lockdown of cities, closure of airports and highways and byways have given untold suffering to the people. The city folks who live in the apartments are literally lockdown as they are confined to a very limited area. The poor have no means purchase their essentials. Many families have pawned their jewelries and other valuable items to buy their provisions. The misery goes on unending

The social distancing has also made some sections of the masses particularly some COVID-19 victims psychologically affected as they are looked down upon and kept separately away from the rest of the members of the family. Boredom and fear and isolation kill them without killing. The shortage of food and water too has made the life miserable for many.

One of the most critical ramifications of the COVID-19 is the plight of a big slice of the expatriate communities. A l substantial number of them have lost the jobs and remain stranded in the host countries. They don’t have money to meet their daily needs and depend on aids and denotations.

Unfortunately, some of them are not in a position to reach back their home countries as there are restrictions on aviation and travelling of long distance.

Sri Lanka’s Success

Sri Lanka is one of the smartest countries of the world that rose to the occasion courageously and effectively to combat its first wave that has left an unprecedent disaster across the globe. The newest President His Excellency Gotabaya Rajapaksa cleverly initiated an effective plan to save Mother Sri Lanka from this unseen enemy. The Department of Health, the Armed Forces, the Police and other relevant agencies with the blessing of the President and Prime Minister gave/give their fullest cooperation and the support to the doctors, nurses and other health personnel who were/are in the battlefield of the hospitals and makeshift hospitals and health centres to save the corona affected citizens of this nations and others. Telling that their operation was a success is an understatement as we had only a handful of causalities till as recent as this mid-October.

Yes, it is a massive achievement and a roaring success. Unexpectedly, the second wave has affected with somewhat severe impact. Nevertheless, the Sri Lankan Ani COVID-19 team under the guidance of the President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has taken the right steps to curb and control this weird virus for it has the ability to transform into different variants to attack any nation either from the front or from behind. Of course, Sri Lanka has clearly shown the whole world that determination, proper plan coupled with action can curb and control any dangerous diseases such as this microbe. Let us look at the reality. The latest records precisely taken on 30th December 2020 reveal that there are 42,702 confirmed cases of whom 35,329 have got complete recovered in this beloved island.

Noticeably, there are 199 Sri Lankans who are unlucky as they succumbed to deadly disease. These figures clearly display that our doctors, nurses, health personnel and all other parties who are engaged in all essential services under guidance of the President of this nation have done a great job and we do hope they will carry on their battle till the invisible enemy is completely controlled.


Today leading and prominent scientists, doctors and health experts are in a big battle to find a panacea for this pandemic that has cruelly spread its vicious tentacles across all the continents of the world. Our neighbour India has born the brunt of it as it is placed second on the worst affected nations. Its scientists, doctors and health experts try hard to control it to make it ineffective. As a tiny nation all Sri Lankans should forget their petty differences and work hard to keep Sri Lanka safe from this dangerous enemy. How can the individuals contribute to achieve this cherished goal? It is simple! Everyone should abide by the health protocols. Cleanliness is next to godliness is completely true at this critical juncture. Let us follow all the guidelines, health protocols and take nutritious food that will show a good resistance to chase away this deadly virus. The tool certainly is unity that will help this resplendent isle to carefully come out of this menace shining with the light of health, wealth and prosperity.