Special request to Cricket fans from Dhammika Prasad

January 14, 2021 at 1:28 AM

by Dhammika Prasad, Sri Lankan Cricketer

Yes I agree he didn’t do well recently and he did well in patches, he didn’t continuing his form as other great batsmen used to do.

He’s young and he has got the talent, he proved it many times. Unfortunately he didn’t carry his form so long. I played with him his very first test match against West Indies at P. Sara grounds in 2015.

Unfortunately it was my last international match.I suffered from bad shoulder after that game. On that game I recognized this guy has a special talent to be a great cricketer in future for Sri Lanka. It happened. He scored so many good innings for us.

In South Africa after finishing a test match presentation ceremony he made a controversial statement.

He wasn’t mature enough to think twice about how that kind of a statement will affect him. It affected him and some of our fans tried to make some unnecessary jokes from him.

We all are not saints or good people, we all make mistakes. Sometimes we will achieve great things after we correct our mistakes.

All the great players have had a bad patches and bad times. Even greats like Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardena had a terrible World Cup in 2003 and they even got dropped from the side. They came back and had great careers.

Recently Chandimal got dropped from the side. He is one of the most hard working and genuine fellow I have seen in the cricket field. After he got dropped he fought to earn his place. He lost his captaincy but he didn’t get disheartened himself. He scored many runs at domestic and came back strongly to the national side again. That’s kind of mind set we all expecting from our young guys. So definitely he (kusal) will be back. As a cricketer, I would like to invite all of you to support him this time, back him. Please stop making unnecessary jokes about him.

We have to protect great talents like him. May be you’ll might argue with me and you can tell me he got many chances and he didn’t capitalize or like that. True at the same time he did well and he proved him self. Let’s back him and give him some confidence. I’m talking about his cricketing life.

At the Same time please support others players as well. Don’t keep any doubt about our future cricket. Our young guys will play good cricket in future for sure. Need a bit of time to settle as a team. So be patient and look forward to see some good cricket in the future. Thanks.

Maygod bless y’all.

Your loving Dhammika Prasad.