Covid death of 26- year- old: Court orders to maintain status quo on 2nd PCR test request

February 15, 2021 at 2:32 PM

The court of appeal today ordered to maintain the status quo when a petition to conduct a second PCR test on a body was taken up for consideration.

The petition was filed on behalf of a 26- year- old physiotherapist employed at the Kothelawala Defense University, who had died in his sleep.

A test conducted on the deceased had revealed that he had contracted COVID- 19 and the body was set to be cremated.

The petition said the Muslim faith does not allow cremation and accordingly to obtain a second PCR test to confirm the authenticity of the first.

Mr. Faizer Musthapha, Shantha Jayawardena and Rushdie Habeeb represented the petitioners, the parents of the deceased man.

The petition will be taken up for hearing once again on Wednesday, the 17th of February. (NewsWire)