Fan Breaches Security To Meet Virat Kohli In The Third Test Match

February 25, 2021 at 8:37 PM

Virat Kohli

The third Test match between India and England has been full of action. Virat Kohli and co. have a slight advantage in the game, which has seen wickets fall like a pack of cards. On day 2 of this Test match, it is England already batting in the second innings. Hence, a result seems to be ensured in the match as well.

Both teams are keen to get a win and are fighting really hard to outfox each other. What that being said, things are looking rather volatile in this game. It is fun to see the players compete at the top level.

One fan breached the security to meet the Indian captain. King Kohli has his set of fans and the love is endless. With that being said, the man came all the way in to meet this cricket legend. The play was stopped till this fan went out of the ground.

The Narendra Modi Stadium produced some great moments on day 2. This bizarre incident was of the fan trying to hug him. A clip did the rounds on Social Media. The fan was seen running all around the playing arena, as he tried to reach the 32-year-old. (beyondtheposts)

Below is the video of the incident that took place in the game-