Sangakkara recalls an incident when coach snatched the ball out of Muralitharan’s hands

April 6, 2021 at 10:12 AM


AP/facebook/Muttiah Muralitharan

The entire cricketing world is bracing itself as IPL 2021 is all set to commence from April 9. Preparation for the IPL 2021 is in its last swing with some players serving their quarantine period while others have already started their training. Rajasthan’s new director of cricket for IPL 2021 and Sri Lanka’s former wicket-keeper batsman Kumar Sangakkara is also serving his quarantine period. Kumar Sangakkara who is currently in quarantine in Mumbai has opted to interact with his fans virtually in order to keep himself away from mental fatigue. Recently, the former Sri Lankan wicket-keeper answered questions of his fans and now he is back again with the concept of bedtime stories.

Recently, Rajasthan team’s Twitter handle shared Sangakkara’s video in which he talked about his former team-mate and Sri Lanka’s legendry spinner Muttiah Muralitharan. Sangakkara shared an interesting anecdote when the coach snatched the ball from Muttiah Muralitharan as he was continuously bowling in the nets. He also called Muttiah Muralitharan the greatest bowler to ever play the game.

“Murali used to come every day to training and he bowled few minutes at the stumps as spot bowling then he continued bowling in the nets at all the batsmen, then he would finish off with some more spot bowling and this was a couple of hours non-stop bowling. It came to a stage where the coach really had to tell him to stop and had to forcefully take the ball away from him. And I used to watch him, a guy who has taken 600 wickets, what is he still doing, bowling this much?”

“So, I went up to him and asked him. Why are you doing this? You have taken so many wickets, you really don’t need to practice this hard. And I still remember to this date the answer that he gave me. He just simply turned to me and said, ‘Sanga it doesn’t matter how many wickets I have taken, what’s really important to me is that I continue to bowl and train as hard as I ever did, because with my practice, with my spot bowling at the batsmen, I get into a habit where I know I can go to a match and even if I have my eyes closed and I am running to bowl a ball, I can pitch the ball exactly where I want to pitch it. And he said that was where he got his confidence from, not with his extravagant turn or doosra but that training, that muscle memory and he said that’s why he is training so hard. Because that is my strength, that is what gets me all the wickets. And I can never relax because I want to maintain the level of excellence.'”

Muttiah Muralitharan has been one of the most successful bowlers in the world. He has taken 800 in tests, 534, and even 63 wickets when he used to play in IPL from 2008-14. Muralitharan is currently bowling coach of team Hyderabad in IPL.  (republicworld)

(Image Credits: AP/facebook/Muttiah Muralitharan)