Covid Affects Tourism In World Heritage City Kandy

May 19, 2021 at 12:37 PM

The Corona pandemic left a negative impact on Kandy city, one of the best tourist attractions in Sri Lanka, since the pandemic made hundreds of tourist hotels in the city close along with several tourism companies. The financial crisis sparked by Covid resulted in the layoff of thousands of employees and an increase in the unemployment rate in Sri Lanka.

Nishantha Alahakon a Lodge owner said that he haven’t seen a single foreign tourist in about a year, in those days the country received a lot of foreign currency. We do not know whether the epidemic is spreading in our country as severely as in India.

Another business owner Subramaniyam Shiwam added that there is no tourist from the last year, India is in a difficult situation and we need to pay attention to this, we have the great expense and our income is very low.

Also Mr. Camara Godage suffered fom losing his job due to the Corona virus, and said that there were more foreigners in this market than Sri Lankans, but no foreigners can be seen here today.

News Source- A24