Isolation tents for Corona patients due to overcrowding in hospitals in Thailand

July 19, 2021 at 3:57 PM

To reduce overcrowding inside hospitals in Bangkok due to the high number of Corona infections after the widespread spread of the Delta strain recently, the Thai authorities decided to allow Corona patients with mild or no symptoms to stay at home or in isolation tents centers in the Klong Toei area of ​​Bangkok instead of hospitals.  With the aim of preventing the transmission of the virus to their families and providing care for the injured inside the tents, 20 isolation centers were opened in different areas in Bangkok to provide basic care for Covid-19 patients with mild to moderate symptoms, and if their symptoms worsen, they are admitted to hospitals.

Security Mr. CHAOVALIT said “As there are many asymptomatic cases, the community is asking those infected to isolate themselves from their families in these tents.  This is to prevent infection in the family.”

Bangkok Governor Aswin Kuanmwang said “Infected people cannot get a hospital bed, that is the situation of the epidemic at the moment.  The hospital is full of COVID-19 patients and unable to absorb new cases.

Dr. Suksan Kittisopakorn – Director of Medical Services Department in Bangkok said “Delta strain is highly contagious and prone to spread easily. This strain is severe and can cause pneumonia and is considered much worse than other variants. At this point, in part of Bangkok there are a large number of people infected with coronavirus because of this delta strain.”

Chirac Cohanoat – Head of Living Solutions Business “So this project aims to build the capacity of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to help Bangkok as soon as possible. We faced this challenge two weeks ago. The Covid pandemic situation is getting worse and we have a lot of patients who are seriously infected, the capacity of the intensive care beds in the the hospital isn’t enough to handle that.”

Source : A24