Former Sports Minister Harin praises Dasun & team, offers ‘one piece of advice’

July 21, 2021 at 1:57 PM

Former Sports Minister Harin Fernando has praised the Sri Lanka national cricket team for their performance in the second One Day International against India, which was played in Colombo yesterday.

Issuing a statement, Parliamentarian Harin Fernando called on the lads to have faith in themselves and carry on with the good performance.

Full statement:

Dasun and the team,

Well done and I am more than proud of you all like many of the Sri Lankan’s. One piece of advice, keep away from social media and do your best. When you do well they will praise you and when you fail they accuse you. So no point playing or looking for their approval. Do it for all the hard work, commitment, and sacrifices you guys put in and have faith in yourselves and as a team. All the best. Wishing you and the team the very best, god bless you all.

“Victory is sweetest when u know the taste of defeat”, there is a long way to go and I am sure you guys will achieve it as long as you stay together, play together, and take win or a loss together.

As to the high profile management, I still believe having one or two top senior players playing alongside would have done wonders for these youthful energetic lads.

Keep believing, always remember the journey that got you all here. the many players you played alongside in school and clubs, and now that you guys represent the country, have pride in every moment of wearing the national jersey. (NewsWire)