Tokyo 2020 Olympics : Japanese artists reimagine Sri Lanka as anime Samurai

July 25, 2021 at 11:46 AM

A group of Japanese artists are hoping to help people embrace both the Olympic spirit and Japanese culture by reimagining flags of competing countries as samurai characters.

Nations large and small are represented in the World Flags project, including India, South Africa, Great Britain, Sri Lanka, El Salvador and Turkey.

Artists had reimagined Sri Lanka as anime Samurai.

The colours of the country’s flag represent the three main ethnic groups of the country: Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslims. So the samurai not only wears these colours, but the image also includes a lion, prominently featured on the flag.

“We received so many messages online from Sri Lankans telling us how cool it is that we’ve turned their country into a samurai,” creator Yamamoto says proudly.

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