Ministry of Environment kicks off ‘Ivura Rakina Pawura’ in Manampitiya with Tokyo Cement Group

August 4, 2021 at 11:01 AM

The Ministry of Environment together with the Tokyo Cement Group recently kicked off the ‘Ivura Rakina Pawura’ programme at the Mahaweli Riverbank in Manampitiya.  The far-reaching initiative was launched by Hon. Mahinda Amaraweera, Minister of Environment, with the participation of a few key government officials and representatives of the Tokyo Cement Group.

The project aims to plant Kumbuk and Mee saplings on the banks of 335-kilometers long path of the Mahaweli River, under the patronage of Tokyo Cement Group.  Mr. Salinda Kandapola, Manager Corporate Sustainability of Tokyo Cement Group and Mr. A. G. Madduma Bandara of Madduma Distributors, Polonnaruwa, representing the Tokyo Cement Group Dealer Network presented the first batch of Kumbuk saplings to Hon. Mahinda Amaraweera at the inaugural tree planting event.  The minister also distributed tree saplings among a few community representatives in the area, who will support the sustainable management of the sensitive water catchment areas of the Mahaweli River.

The Ivura Rakina Pawura grand endeavour by the Ministry of Environment is an extension of the National Tree Planting Programme ‘Husma Dena Thuru’, that aims to add 2 million trees to the country’s natural forest cover.  Tokyo Cement Group sponsors the initiative as part of its forest tree planting programme, which propagates native forest trees with medicinal value such as, Kumbuk, Karanda, Mee, and Ingini via the two Tokyo Cement Forest Tree Nurseries situated in Trincomalee and Mahiyangana.  As such, in addition to sponsoring the 3-year project, Tokyo Cement Forest Tree Nurseries will supply Kumbuk and Mee saplings required for the Ivura Rakina Pawura initiative.

Propagating native forest trees to be used in the national reforestation efforts is among the many sustainability initiatives Tokyo Cement Group is passionately involved in.  The Company is also leading a distinctive Coral Reef Conservation program and a Mangroves Reforestation initiative.  The company’s commitment to social responsibility breathes life through initiatives such as this, by which they successfully integrate social welfare and environmental conservation into its corporate DNA as part of their continuous mission to enrich the country, its people, and the environment.