Cambodia – Street art in Phnom Penh conveys a message about the beauty and culture of the country

September 9, 2021 at 11:30 AM

Art exhibitions and live street art demonstrations in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, look to inspire the young Cambodians to express themselves through art and spread the country’s culture. Young Cambodian artist Kakada Yi is proud to have his art murals on the walls of the Factory Phnom Penh, through his art he can express himself and demonstrate the natural beauty and resources of Cambodia and stages of gradation of art in the country between the past and the present.

Interview with (Kakada Yi – Artist): “For me, this is a new form of art that I made with the KampumEra association. For this painting, I want to reflect on ancient Cambodian art that exists on the walls of the temples. As an artist, I’d like to show my work and express what I see. This painting behind me is about how Cambodia has many different aquatic lives in the water. The painting behind me is showing the past to the present. It represents Cambodian art and culture when the old artists carved their arts on the walls of the temples. I painted it as a message that Cambodia is rich in art, culture, and forests. My art also expresses the modern lifestyle in Cambodia, showing that people will be using more technology in the future. With the painting of the turtles and elephants I want to express that Cambodia has many different animals and forests.