1000 days since Easter Attack : Harin writes

January 14, 2022 at 9:12 PM

by Harin Fernando

Thousand days have passed since a deceptive project for power was launched and since hundreds of innocent lives were lost as a result of it.

We remember how the 21st of each month was highlighted until their plan was successful. They would remember it only on the 21st, but we will remember the gruesome yet cowardly attack for the rest of our lives.

That is the miserable drama which sacrificed lives of innocent people to fulfill an agenda to regain power.

Hundreds were killed in the Easter Sunday attacks. Scores of people became victims of it.

But some people tried to persecute me since the day the Easter Sunday attack took place.

I was the first one to have raised suspicions about this series of brutal attacks. Instead, I was vilified and put me down mentally. The person who said that they received intelligence information on Easter attack, but they chose to be silent, is the Speaker of the Parliament now. The person who repeated the same is the Prime Minister now.

A few days later, one person told the media that he will contest the upcoming presidential election. He is the President of the country now.

The masterminds behind the conspiracy to kill hundreds of innocent people were forgotten, but some chose to religiously and repeatedly attack me because I said that there is a conspiracy behind this horrendous attack.

Therefore, I also am a victim of the Easter attack. I still experience the painful tragedy of being mentally attacked and assassinated, and being killed physically would have been easier.

Whatever I said back then has been established and confirmed as truth. Many things come to light from the Presidential Commission Report. Many who were suspects of the Easter attack are now being given protection. Some have been chosen as witnesses to the prosecution. Some witnesses have committed suicide. Some even feel like it’s a disturbance when they hear the word ‘Easter attacks’.

Those who painted me as a heinous criminal for the crime of ‘speaking the truth’, have now started claiming that there was a conspiracy behind the attack.

Reverend Cardinal has raised his suspicions about these attacks. As thousand days have been completed since the attacks, many people have come to realize that whatever we said as soon as the attacks took place, are nothing but the truth.

Now, I have a question for the people of this country, who value justice and equity.

“Am I in the wrong for what I said back then? Or, are those who helped the accused of the Easter attack (to hide their crimes) in the wrong?

“Am I in the wrong for struggling to find out the truth about the Easter attacks, despite being subjected to countless cursing, degradation, humiliation, threatening, ever since the attacks took place?

Or, are the people who try to cover up all those information and conspiracy in the wrong?”

Let me note the following on this day, when we complete a thousand days since that inhumane attack took place.

“I have already done what was easy. What I now do is what is difficult. I know that I will fulfill it with (the help of) Almighty God.”


Let me quote a saying of Saint Paul, to remind those who planned this attack, those who helped to do it even with the slightest gesture, those who attacked and those who took advantage of it.

“Whoever destroys the palace of the Lord will be destroyed by the Lord, because the Lord’s palace is pure, and that palace is you.”