A Flavorful Journey To The North East By Paadum Meen.

May 3, 2022 at 10:39 AM

An ecstatically beautiful place located down Frankfort place, Bambalapitiya has caught a significant eye for an authentic mix of South Asian and North Eastern cuisine.


You will definitely feel warmly welcomed, just how the traditions and cultures influence you, once you step into this beautiful restaurant. The concept is designed to emphasize the colors representing South Asian and North Eastern cultures. They have enhanced the traditional metal cups with an embossed texture and you will find an exquisite fireplace, totally worth being instagrammable!

This incredible mix of meals was devoured from vegetarian, seafood, and the meat was spread on a variety. Here are some of the exquisite North Eastern feat South Asian cuisines we tasted!


  • The drink trio

Starting with the passion juice, this was ideally given the best squeeze. The seeds were layered and perfectly in tune with the sweetness.

Ask for this amazing spice-infused signature drink called the Kuluki Sarbath. The drink is garnished with green chili seeds, curry leaves, chia seeds, and of course the Sarbath (syrup). Helps detoxify your digestive tract before and after enjoying a heavy dinner.

The chocolate Banana Milkshake was a bomb encounter. You can taste the perfect blend with every sip tasted.


  1. The Taste Platter

This dish is one beautiful surprise that incorporates a unique combination of Beef Samosas, Devilled Beef, Tender Fried & Boiled Manioc, Fried Beef, Fried Beef intestines (Babath), and Fried liver. Definitely a recommendation to the heavy meaty lovers!

2. Chicken Wings

A pair of chicken wings were served in a dish that was genuinely saucy in the right consistency and meaty, unlike general chicken wings.

3. Sweet Chili Lollipops

The dish was arranged in a dainty manner with chunks of beautifully prepped mini chicken thighs. Just as the name represents, the spice gave out a blend of sweet, sour, and spice mixed with a unique flavor.

4. Puliyanam

The kind of Rasam you dream of having from the North-East part of Sri Lanka is available right in the middle spot in Colombo! The soup was ingrained with aromatic flavors of medicinal spices, a touch of pepper tingle when you swallow through. Best recommended to enjoy along with their steamed rice and spicy fish curry.

5. Nei Parata

These was the ultimate favorite dishes for dinner. The Paratha was perfect to the core, buttery at its right consistency and melts in your mouth with or without a curry assortment. The genuine mixed touch of the Tamil cuisine is brought out in every bite. Absolute bomb combination with masala potatoes and butter chicken or butterfish curry.

6. Devilled Potato

Not just the usual potato masala kind of sautéed potatoes, but a red chili-based dry potato curry. You could choose to accompany this dish with rice or Paratha of your choice. Prepared to perfection with a touch of eastern spice and Indian aroma. A must enjoy.

7. Butter Fish

You can’t differentiate between the butter chicken curry and this rich-flavored milky fish curry! The butterfish is well marinated in authentic Paadum Meen’s mysterious spices, bringing out a unique and colorful flavor presented in their dish.

8. Prawn Thokku 

A dish to savor from sautéed to Devilled to an extraordinary saucy delicacy. We enjoyed the Thokku with the steamed rice and further with the Nei Parata.

9. Banana leaf fried fish

This is another intricate dish to eat in your own style. The fish was deeply marinated with a spicy combination of spice and sour touch. This hits the signature dish tank on their menu as their specialty is that the fish is deep-fried and baked wrapped in banana leaf. The flavors are in numbers! Enjoy it as a main dish or an assortment with rice or Paratha of your choice.

10. Kabsa Chicken Rice

A fully appetizing meal will not be complete if you do not try their exotic Kabsa Chicken Rice. Topped with a roast chicken thigh, the rice infused in chicken stock and special masala mix grind prepared by the in-house talent. The rice was assorted with the condiments that you would get with a Biriyani. The flavors were aromatic and brilliantly defined the authenticity of their brand concept.

For more inquiries check Paadum Meen:

Location: No 8, Frankfurt Place, Bambalapitiya

Price Range – LKR 180 – LKR 1400

Opening hours: 12 PM – 11 PM

Call them on 011 259 0344

Visit their Instagram page @paadum.meen for more information.

All food is Halal and fresh.