US concerned over Sri Lanka Military deployment

May 11, 2022 at 11:52 AM

The US State Department has expressed concern over the deployment of the Sri Lanka military to contain the unrest that broke out in Sri Lanka on Monday. 

State Department Spokesman Ned Price said the US stresses that peaceful protesters should never be subjected to violence or intimidation, whether on the part of the military force or civilian units.

“We are deeply concerned over the reports of escalating violence in Sri Lanka over the past few days. We condemn violence against peaceful protesters,” he said.

The State Department Spokesman also said that the US calls for a full investigation, arrest, and prosecution of anyone instigating and involved in acts of violence. 

“We are closely monitoring the deployment of troops, something that is of concern to us. We are also following political developments in the situation on the ground in Sri Lanka after the resignation of the Prime Minister,” he said. 

Ned Price further said the US urges the governments and political leaders to work quickly to ensure public safety and work together to identify and implement solutions to achieve long-term economic and political stability in Sri Lanka.

He added that the government must address the Sri Lankan people’s discontent over the economic crisis, including power, food, and medicine shortages, as well as their concerns about the political future of the country.

The US State Department expressed concern during a news briefing on Tuesday after Sri Lanka’s Defence Ministry ordered security forces to shoot anyone causing injury to people or property to contain widespread arson and mob violence targeting government supporters.

The ministry’s order came after violent clashes a day earlier left eight people dead and prompted the resignation of the prime minister. (NewsWire)