Solving The Gas Problem Amidst Nationwide Turmoil

July 27, 2022 at 10:00 AM

As Sri Lanka copes with its toughest economic crisis to date, the provision of gas, primarily used for both domestic and industrial purposes, became one of the key challenges for the country and its people. At distribution centres and small shops, long queues formed with people who resigned themselves to waiting for days under the hot sun in order to acquire a filled cylinder of gas.

In the wake of the dollar crisis, Litro Gas was amongst the many organisations that had to contend with a plethora of challenges. Apart from the dollar shortage, the implementation of short sighted policy meant that a once profitable organisation was now riddled with debt whilst suffering from major losses. Sri Lanka’s debt rating, compounded by the devaluation of the Rupee and country bonds, made it nearly impossible to generate the much needed funds to secure a steady gas supply for the citizens of the country.

In an expected domino effect, demurrage began to increase daily. Meanwhile, the suffering experienced by the country’s citizens was surmounting. With a severely stunted supply of gas, businesses and livelihoods were drastically affected. This, compounded with the fuel crisis, brought the country to a grinding halt.

At Litro Gas, it became increasingly evident that the time had come to reevaluate its leadership. On June 15, 2022, Muditha Peiris was appointed as the new Chairman of the company. Muditha Peiris has previously served as the Managing Director of the state-run gas supplier and Litro Gas Terminal Lanka (Pvt) Ltd as well.

With his appointment, swift changes began to be implemented at Litro Gas. However, it was evident that many of the obstacles the company was facing were deep-rooted and that fundamental, systematic changes were required to surpass them. At this moment in time, many questioned whether a change of leadership would truly bring about the right solutions.

Indeed, the solutions were not reached overnight; an issue of such complexity with various factors at play cannot be solved immediately. However, within a month of Muditha Peiris’ appointment, the implemented changes began to take effect and became fruitful.

A detailed understanding of the industry, the crisis as a whole, and people’s requirements resulted in a sustainable self-sufficient proposal being devised and put forth to the World Bank. This resulted in a subsequent approval for a partial loan. Within months, an intelligent strategy devised by a dedicated team was able to understand and address the misfortunes of the nation. In the long term, these changes provided the country with a much needed respite from the gas shortage. The organisation is now looking to ensure equal distribution across the country.

Examining the strategy implemented by Litro Gas to overcome an unprecedented challenge is key when looking towards Sri Lanka’s future as a whole. It serves as an example to the entire nation of what can be achieved through impartial analysis, thorough evaluation, and by applying the right mind to the right job. In this vein, Litro Gas pledges to work towards building a strong, secure Sri Lanka through any periods of difficulty that may inevitably arise in the future.