PickMe Trials Unlimited Free Deliveries With a Monthly Subscription

August 31, 2022 at 10:44 AM

PickMe has begun testing a new monthly subscription service called PickMe Pass with its Gold, Silver, and Bronze tier users. For a monthly fee, customers gain several benefits, including unlimited free deliveries on the PickMe platform for worry-free days amidst their busy schedules. The service allows daily tasks such as commutes, lunch, grocery shopping, delivery of documents, and moving items to be delegated to PickMe. This means that users can clear out their to-do lists and save time for the things they love. Following the trial period, the service is expected to be available to all PickMe users islandwide. Here’s what you can expect from PickMe Pass.

PickMe Pass – More than just a Subscription Service

Users of the PickMe app can subscribe to PickMe Pass for a fee of only Rs. 699 per month. The service includes a Pay-off Line of “Get 1, 2 and FREE!!!” which offers:

  • 1% cashback on all rides
  • 2% cashback on Flash and Truck Deliveries
  • FREE Unlimited Delivery for Food  and Market orders

A first-time subscriber of PickMe Pass is entitled to a 14- day FREE trial that could be canceled at any time. Therefore, it has never been easier for users to try out the service; and find out exactly how life can improve with PickMe taking care of their day.

The subscription feature was launched on a pilot basis to our Silver tier users in March 2022. Having successfully tested and optimized the process, PickMe Pass is ready for its public launch. The service will soon be available to its Gold and Bronze Loyalty tiers and the rest of the island in the weeks ahead. As such, everyone in Sri Lanka will soon be exposed to a world of new benefits brought to their fingertips by PickMe.

The benefits of PickMe Pass for its users

The primary goal of introducing a subscription service is to bring more convenience to the lives of PickMe’s users. Most people spend a significant amount cooking their meals for the day. However, with PickMe pass – users only need to select the meal from PickMe’s extensive list of restaurants and go about their usual life as the order gets delivered to their doorstep free of charge!

With this, PickMe Pass is believed to create immense value for its users through a more personalized experience. Routine tasks such as weekly grocery shopping can now be completed with a few clicks on the platform. Furthermore, through its cashback and written-off delivery fees, subscribers can save more and stick to budgets more easily.

Driving the Nation Forward through Continuous Innovation

From the onset of the pandemic in 2020 to the current economic crisis, PickMe has been innovating in various situations to bring out the best for its users. Now more than ever, people are looking for more value for their money. This has been a key driver for PickMe to introduce several initiatives to the platform to cater to such new market demands. The platform is transforming into a one-stop mobility solution through new features like PickMe Pass. Whether travel, food, groceries, or any other delivery – PickMe promises a streamlined experience with more features for the entire nation’s needs in the months ahead.