How India can still qualify for Asia Cup final ?

September 7, 2022 at 12:11 AM

India is still NOT out of the Asia Cup despite beaten both by Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

How can India qualify ? 

  • Afghanistan has to beat Pakistan
  • India has to beat Afghanistan
  • Sri Lanka has to beat Pakistan

In this scenario, Sri Lanka qualifies with three wins and all other teams will end up with one victory.

Team with the highest net run rate can qualify in this scenario.

Why Sri Lanka not yet qualified ?

Sri Lanka has almost qualified for the final but still there is a mathematical possibility that Sri Lanka will be out of the tournament if Pakistan defeats them.

For this to happen

  • Afghanistan has to beat Pakistan
  • Afghanistan has to beat India
  • Pakistan has to beat Sri Lanka

In this scenario all three teams Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Afghanistan will have two wins each and the two sides with the highest run rate will qualify. (NewsWire)