“Save the Sri Lankan Smile” campaign launched

September 22, 2022 at 1:34 AM

Stakeholders of the Sri Lanka tourism industry has launched the “Save the Sri Lankan Smile” campaign with an aim to bring fast and effective recovery to the tourism sector of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka expects to attract a significant number of tourists during the upcoming winter season via the campaign.

Commenting on the campaign, Minister of Tourism Harin Fernando said they are expecting over USD 1.7 billion in tourism revenue and over one million arrivals in 2022.

He said that many airlines like Swiss air, Asus air, Aeroflot from Russia, and Air France have added Colombo to their route network and this will help to boost tourism.

The campaign, “Save the Sri Lankans Smile” will be enriched with its own Instagram/Facebook pages, YouTube channel and Web sites. With the launching of the campaign, the industry looks forward to having the national carrier and Sri Lanka tourism taking the lead driving the campaign. (NewsWire)

Save the Sri Lankan Smile

Campaign Brief

This campaign has been built on a platform to bring a fast and effective recovery of tourism to Sri Lanka.

If one looks back, since 2019 April after the easter bomb attack followed by the Covid pandemic for almost three consecutive years, as a nation we have not been able to secure the due tourism arrivals to the country.

This situation was further stretched due to the economic crisis that the country went into. Having experienced and seen the situation, we formed a group together to evaluate and address the important aspects of the industry for a quick recovery. This team came up with an idea that will inspire not only the industry but the world at large. The team came together with a lot of excitement & passion and brought out this national level campaign to reach the world imminently. With this, the Sri Lankan tourism industry gave birth to ‘Save the Sri Lankan Smile’.

It is remarkable that some of us in the industry managed to survive for such a long time, whilst some of our very own industry colleagues had to put down the shutters of their businesses. Unfortunately, the wind that blew across the small and medium businesses was a strong one which destroyed the source of income from their home stay, guest house, restaurant, the tuk tuk, safari jeep, rent – a – boat/bike and multiple other sources. Guiding a tour or renting a car became nonexistent. Like a rainbow that emerge following a storm, here is an opportunity to contribute to ‘Save the Sri Lankan Smile’. As of now, all of us in the industry are carrying an unusual and huge debt burden far beyond the weight one could carry. It is essential that we move on carrying it but reduce the burden as fast as possible.

Realizing the fact that it cannot be stretched any further and feeling the heartbeat of our industry, colleagues, stakeholders, and their dependents, NKAR Travels & Tours (PVT) Limited being a long-standing DMC of the industry took the call to strategize and direct a campaign to reach out to the world in numbers.

Yes, we as NKAR will bring this white label campaign only up to the launch and from there on the ownership will be handed over to the industry across the island. This campaign will move on for a period of 4 months with weekly campaign content being shared with the industry so that all stakeholders could brand the campaign story with their own branding and take it to the world.

‘Save the Sri Lankan Smile’ will be enriched with its own Instagram / Facebook pages, YouTube channel and website. We also endeavor to reach out to over 4-5 million Sri Lankans domiciled in other countries. With the launching of the campaign, the industry looks forward to having the National Carrier and Sri Lanka Tourism on board with us, being the two strong oars of the ‘boat Tourism’ paddling in rough waters.

We firmly believe that this is the best and most united way the industry could take ownership and work together for their very own recovery.

We value our friends who come on board to support the Island of Hospitality!

Vision & Strategy by

Nilmin Nanayakkara