Sathosa : Price of 5 essential items reduced

September 23, 2022 at 4:33 PM

Lanka Sathosa has announced the reduction of the price of five essential items.

The price drop comes into effect from Thursday, 22nd September 2022. 

The prices of the following items have been revised:

Imported Big Onions (1 kg)

Old Price: Rs. 175/-

New Price: Rs. 150/-

White Sugar (1 kg)

Old Price: Rs. 285/-

New Price: Rs. 278/-

Imported White Kekulu Rice (1 kg)

Old Price: Rs. 185/-

New Price: Rs. 179/-

Imported Nadu Rice (1 kg)

Old Price: Rs. 194/-

New Price: Rs. 185/-

Imported Dhal (1 kg)

Old Price: Rs. 429/-

New Price: Rs. 415/-     (NewsWire)