Landmark judgement on Medical negligence from Colombo District Court

September 30, 2022 at 10:18 AM

The Colombo District Court has ordered the government to pay a compensation of Rs. 30 million to a disabled child’s family due to the negligence of a medical team from the Gampaha District Hospital.

The landmark verdict was issued yesterday, after taking up for consideration the case filed by the disabled child’s mother from the Biyagama area in Kelaniya.

According to information submitted to the court, the child’s mother had given birth to her as a disabled child due to the negligence of the doctors and staff of the Gampaha District Hospital. 

In her petition, the mother of the child revealed that she was admitted to the hospital for her delivery in May 2012 and even though she had informed the doctors of severe pain the doctors and hospital staff had disregarded her claims. 

The mother accuses the hospital staff and doctors of being the reason for her to birth a disabled daughter as they had disregarded her repeated claims of severe pain. 

Taking into consideration the future cost and effort to take care of a disabled child, the court has awarded compensation to the affected family. (NewsWire)