“Shilpa 2022” – The annual seminar series by the Department of Finance, University of Kelaniya

September 30, 2022 at 9:38 AM

The Department of Finance, University of Kelaniya is an academic Department housed under the Faculty of Commerce of Management Studies, University of Kelaniya. The department offers bachelor’s Degrees in the disciplines of Finance, Banking, Insurance and Financial Engineering. Reputed for its quality education in the field of Finance, the department is persistently committed to enhancing and developing the skills of the undergraduates. Owing to such, the Finance Students’ Association was established as the recognized student association of the Department of Finance. Amongst the several events organized year-round by the association,

“Shilpa” is the annual seminar series hosted by the Finance Students’ Association in collaboration with the Department of Finance, University of Kelaniya. Understanding the competitive nature of the G.C.E. Advanced Level examination, the seminar series was an initiative to support the Commerce Stream Advanced Level students learning under the local curriculum. Having conducted the seminar series for a consecutive number of years, this year, the seminar series was conducted over the course of three days, on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd September 2022. It was held online through Zoom, YouTube live and Facebook platforms targeting an outreach of Advanced Level students from across the island. The seminar series focused on Business studies, Economics and Accounting subjects and was delivered in Sinhala medium. All the sessions of the seminar series were directed by an eminent panel of lecturers from the University of Kelaniya. The proceedings of day one of the seminar series commenced formally followed by two sessions that discussed the Accounting paper structure and challenging theoretical areas of the Accounting syllabus respectively. A highlight of day one was the launch of the latest version of the “Finance Review magazine”, the annual Departmental magazine.

The magazine was launched as an online magazine which can be viewed and downloaded from the official website of the Department of Finance, University of Kelaniya. This magazine features a collection of articles authored by both undergraduates and scholars and is an ideal source of information for students preparing for the upcoming G.C.E. Advanced Level examination. The articles mainly lay out subject matter that are identified as common gray areas by students and provide further clarity on areas students often find rather ambiguous. After the launch of the magazine, an online quiz was made available for the participants of the seminar series. The top ten scorers of the quiz were selected as the winners of the quiz and were announced on the second day of the seminar series. The winners are entitled to a reward of scholarships from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka. The sessions of the second and third days of the seminar series were assigned to discuss the paper structures and subject areas relating to Business Studies and Economics. Moreover, the final day of the seminar series included a motivational session, that lead to the conclusion of the event on a high note.