Oktoberfest 2022 at Hilton Colombo

October 31, 2022 at 12:01 PM

By Shanali Fdo

Zigge Zagge, Zigge Zagge HOI HOI HOI!!! Is what Hilton is all about for the next couple of days! Saluting to the cozy friendship and good times you’re going to enjoy with friends and family Hilton is all set out to make sure you have the most authentic Oktoberfest for the 28th consecutive year! Starting with about 100 people all those years back the event has grown in leaps and bounds to an almost completely sold-out 10-day event starting from the 27th of October – the 5th of November.


From the use of traditional golden yellow, black and red colors and decorative fairy lights hanging from the ceiling, to the walls Decorated with Oktoberfest cut-outs, or German flag cut-outs, the Hilton sports arena is converted into one massive tent just like the ones you would find in Munich at this time of year for a genuine Bavarian feel. Once you walk in all You have to do is put on the iconic party hat which comes in blue and white diamonds(Bavarian flag colors), order yourself a mug or a tower of beer, and tap your toes to some good ‘ol Bavarian tunes while enjoying some authentic Bavarian food and you are set for the night! If you are daring enough you could also take part in some of the games that the Oompah band has organized for the night or try your hand (or might) at the power hammer.

Food and Beer

One of the key or if not the most important part of any party is the food and when it’s a worldwide celebrated beer party it’s the beer! Having partnered up with the internationally famous local Lion beer you can choose to taste 5 different varieties of beer on draft. You can choose to go a-mug-at-a-time or go for a straight-up tower to share with your group. They also have a range of hard liquor, wines, and some juice and mocktails for non-alcohol drinkers to keep hydrated throughout the night.

The Hilton Colombo Oktoberfest boasts of the longest buffet starting with some great appetizers like pickled gherkins, satisfying potato and pasta side dishes together with a variety of mustard and curry condiments as dipping sauces that are the perfect culinary matches to the iconic pretzels, sausages, meatloaf or pork knuckles and beer. According to Kapila Mohotti – Director of Food & Beverage, the hotel prides itself in its own varieties of sausages made in-house following original recipes all the way from Munich.

“For me coming to play at the Hilton Oktoberfest is more than a job, it feels like coming for a big party to meet new friends and renew friendships and bonds I have built with the brand, staff, and new faces for over 20 years,” said Georg Ostermeier the popular Oompah Bavarian band leader who has flown all the way from Munich together with the rest of the band after playing at the huge Munich Oktoberfest. He promises to bring in the very best of German culture through music, dance, and games. Having given the chef’s kiss of approval on the food, the beer and the event as a whole he is looking forward to turning this 10-day event into a fun-filled Bavarian getaway!

Book your tickets here and join in on the festivities and Prost to the sounds of Zigge Zagge, Zigge Zagge HOI HOI HOI!!!

Duration: 27th of October till 5th November 2022

Location: Sports Center Arena, Hilton Colombo

Price: LKR5,388 upwards

Time: Sunday to Thursday – 7 pm till Midnight & Friday & Saturday – 7 pm till 1 am

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