Navin Dissanayake clarifies alleged clash with CEB officials

November 24, 2022 at 5:17 PM

United National Party (UNP) National Organizer Navin Dissanayake has refuted reports on social media claiming that he had obstructed the duties of Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) officials who had visited his residence recently.

The reports making rounds on social media claimed that Navin Dissanayake had clashed with a group of CEB workers when they visited his house to disconnect the electricity supply due to the non-payment of bills. 

Clarifying the reports, Dissanayake said that he had questioned their decision to disconnect power at a time when all the electricity bills had already been settled.

“I questioned the legality of disconnecting power without issuing a red notice beforehand. The discussion turned into an argument due to the outrageous response given by the CEB officials when attempting to explain my situation,” the former minister explained.

Navin Dissanayake further explained that the last meter reading was done in October during which he had an outstanding bill of Rs. 105,117.

Stating that his wife had made an online payment of Rs. 104,109 in October, the former MP said that however, as the payment had returned for unknown reasons, she had settled the amount via another online payment. 

Dissanayake said that following the payment all electricity bills were settled as of 23rd November 2022.

He added that the CEB officers had later accepted his explanation after he had provided the necessary evidence to show the settlement of payments. (NewsWire)