Sportunleash Schools Sports Awards 2022

November 24, 2022 at 12:08 PM

With a bid to catapult school sports in Sri Lanka to the next level, SPORTSINFO, together with the Institute of Sports Management (IOSM), is ready to stage the inaugural SportUnleash School Sports Awards 2022. 

It will be Sri Lanka’s first annual national schools sports award ceremony recognizing the outstanding performances of all sports. This launch ceremony took place under the patronage of the Chairperson of the National Sports Council and 1996 Cricket World Cup winning captain Arjuna Ranatunga at the Kingsbury Hotel, Colombo 01, on the 22nd of November 2022 at 3:00 pm. 

“Greats of the games aren’t created on the stroke of luck. Ourtalented athletes and contributors to various sports must be encouraged, supported, and looked after. Finally, all performances and significant sports achievements will depend on the hard work invested by all stakeholders working together to raise the standard of Sports. The importance of hosting such an important event emerged due to the need to encourage, value, and recognize upcoming school athletes and contributors who uplift sports in Sri Lanka and ensure its future. We should appreciate what we have – Before it becomes what we had.” Stated the Mr. Thilan Rangana. 

The SportUnleash School Sports Awards is a powerful initiative to identify and recognize future star athletes in Sri Lanka school sports and dedicated contributors for their efforts in keeping the passion of sports alive in the hearts of millions of Sri Lankans. 

Honoring athletes who displayed exceptional performances, determination, and dedication throughout the year, the SportUnleash School Sports Awards will recognize their contribution from a myriad of categories in a night of glitz, glamour, and celebration of their sports performances. 

This annual School Sports Awards Ceremony will celebrate the most remarkable young emerging school athletes along with the most outstanding contributors to school sports in Sri Lanka throughout the year. 

The SportUnleash School, Sports Awards recipients, are identified by a nomination panel voting with leading sports media and related personalities before a special jury panel chooses the eventual winners. The awards are given to the top performing athletes in all schools sports and contributors for the sports in Sri Lanka from the ongoing year, under different awards categories. 

Apart from the major awards, sport excellence awards, sports contribution medals, and special jury medals, we will honor personalities across different sports for their excellence and significant contribution to the school sports field in Sri Lanka. 

The leading Award is a Striving Human Figure Pursuing Excellence depicting the effort required to achieve extraordinary performances. 


  1. It recognizes, values, and encourages all school sportspersons in the cross-section of our sports arena. 
  2. The emerging stars of each sport will be honored and revealed to the country through this event. 
  3. It will identify exceptional school athletes who should receive financial support. 4. To help Sri Lanka Sports receive recognition internationally. 
  4. To become a regional and globally recognized School Sports Award in the future. 

Schools Sports Awards would be known as the ‘SPORTUNLEASH SCHOOLS SPORTS AWARDS’ as SPORTUNLEASH joins hands with us as the ‘Title Sponsor’, helping us take this event to greater heights this year and onwards.

Designed to identify and unlock the true potential of a new generation of athletes, SportUnleash is a revolutionary new talent identification system that aims to effectively harness and hone sporting talent from an early age. 

SportUnleash is a sports talent and physical attribute identification report issued to children between the ages of 9 to 11. To arrive at its conclusions, SportUnleash uses non-invasive methodologies to generate scientifically sound sports talent report that identifies the sports gifting of a child. This report enables children to enjoy and excel at specific sports without wasting valuable time and limited resources. 

Thirty awards are to be awarded at the SportUnleash School Sports Awards 2022. They are those awarded under Major Sports Awards, Major Sports Medals, and Special Jury Medals for Sports Excellence & Contribution. Professional Jury judges them after being nominated by a nomination panel process. 

Appreciating the greats of the field of school sports and those unsung heroes behind the scenes at the right time is the main objective of the SPORTUNLEASH SCHOOLS SPORTS AWARDS. 

SportsUnleash Schools Sports Awards has three award categories.

A. Major Sports Awards 2022 

Awards Categories:

Most Outstanding School Sports Personality of the year – Female 

Most Outstanding School Sports Personality of the year – Male 

School Sports Team of the Year – Female 

School Sports Team of the Year – Male 

Most Outstanding School Sports Team of the Year – Female

Most Outstanding School Sports Team of the Year – Male

Most Outstanding School Coach of the Year 

Most Outstanding School Sports Master In Charge of the Year 

Inspirational School Sports Personality of the year 

Most Outstanding Sports School of the Year 

B. Major Sports Medals: Sports Excellence – Individual 

Best Player – Cricket 

Best Player – Rugby 

Best Player – Football 

Best Player – Netball 

Best Player – Athletics 

Best Player – Swimming 

Best Player – Basketball 

Best Player – Karate 

Best Player – Tennis 

Best Player – Volleyball 

C. Jury Medals: 

Medals Categories: 

  • Sports Excellence Jury Medals – Individual 

Reserved Five jury medals for individual sports excellence 

  • Sports Contribution Jury Medals – Individual 

Reserved Five jury medals for individual sports contribution for schools sports (Media/Coaching/Administration/Education/Promotion etc.)