Hilton Colombo Goes ‘Coconuts’

January 24, 2023 at 10:28 PM

Unique Coconut infused dishes at Café Kai

Colombo, Sri Lanka – 23 January 2023 – Café Kai Hilton Colombo’s popular go to place for a quick grab and go or dine in is going berserk in the next few weeks with some delightful coconut infused dishes. Sweet and savory options are available for dine in and takeaway.  The offering varies from a juicy chicken panini with kochchi coconut sambol to a crusty black pork pie with coconut topping, cashew and coconut crusted chicken wraps, sliders, pol rotis with a delightful fish ambul-thiyal filling, coconut and seafood rochers,  cheese and coconut croissants and Danishes, coconut macaroons and combinations of cakes like the coconut & pineapple Tiramisu, coconut and strawberry gateau, the Snicker coconut cupcakes and a king coconut shaped ribbon cake.  For chocoholics, a range of truffles, pralines and desserts await you.  For more details and online purchase, visit www.shop.hiltoncolombo1.com