Seylan bank drives conversation on co-existence among our future generation.

February 7, 2023 at 2:49 PM

For the 75th National Day of Sri Lanka, Seylan Bank encouraged Sri Lankans to sing the National Anthem in both National Languages – Sinhala and Tamil.

Two videos released as part of the campaign has two groups of children singing the Sri Lankan National Anthem – one group in Sinhala and the other in Tamil. It was later revealed, at the end of the video, that the group that sang the Sinhala version are children whose mother tongue is Tamil, and the children that sang it in Tamil, are actually Sinhala-speaking.

The videos shared by Seylan Bank received positive traction on social media, and was shared across the country, imparting a valuable lesson on learning both national languages.

You can now download both these anthems, through the Seylan Bank website and drive the conversation forward to create a future of co-existence and harmony.