“Sri Lanka can, and Sri Lanka will” says Isuru Balapatabendi

February 7, 2023 at 11:55 AM

People’s Insurance PLC, one of Sri Lanka’s largest insurance providers, embarked on a visionary journey today in taking over the national responsibility of empowering the resilient Sri Lankan nation and all its citizens as they strive towards overcoming the current challenges of the island nation.

Falling in line with the 75th Independence Day celebrations of the island nation, People’s Insurance PLC launched an island-wide campaign along the theme of ‘Diriya Dayata – Viriya Wannata’, translating into ‘Empowering a Resilient Nation’.

An event was held on the 06th of February, 2023, at Sri Sambuddhathwa Jayanthi Mandiraya – Colombo 05, graced by the presence of Mr. Isuru Balapatabendi (the Chairman of People’s Insurance PLC), Ms. Jeevani Kariyawasam (the Chief Executive Officer of People’s Insurance PLC), the senior management, and People’s Insurance PLC staff of over 200. Various activities were organized in line with the initiative which included multiple CSR activities and internal initiatives, as the company has set their eyes upon assisting the resilient Sri Lankan spirit in order to revive the country as a great nation.

Addressing the event, Mr. Isuru Balapatabendi stated that “We take pride in how us Sri Lankans faced the past challenges, with our resilient and unbroken Sri Lankan spirit, and that would ensure we are potent enough to overcome the future challenges as well”. Mr. Balapatabendi further elaborated how the entire organization of People’s Insurance PLC possesses the mindset and understanding of all its customers’ need for support at these crucial times, and it is in the best interest of the company to empower and assure them that People’s Insurance PLC takes care of them during these challenging times.

Ms. Jeevani Kariyawasam also led the entire staff of the organization in taking a significant pledge to continue to be the most professional and value-driven insurance provider in the country, whilst the organization continues its status as a workplace of due skill and values. The pledge was also taken by the members of the island-wide branches of Peoples Insurance PLC, to ensure that their entire network is committed to the company’s visionary journey.

Plans have been made to donate sewing machines to widows of fisherman families in Mannar. As a representation of the scheduled event, the Chairman Mr. Isuru Balapatabendi presented the symbolic cheque to the Head of Sales Mr. Dhanushka Hettiarachchi.

Also, lunch and donations were given to the children of Harward College – Dam Street, Colombo 12, parallel to the Independence Day celebrations of People’s Insurance PLC. The Chief Executive Officer Ms. Jeevani Kariyawasam, the Management team of People’s Insurance PLC, and the principal of Harward College Mrs. Sujeewa Fernando participated in the event.

“It is in our own hands to build the future Sri Lanka that we dream of. Let us step forward to empower all the resilient Sri Lankans who exert their contribution to build a prosperous Sri Lanka, even during the most adverse times. Sri Lanka can, and Sri Lanka will”, affirmed Mr. Isuru Balapatabendi in his speech.