Stern warning issued for leading private hospital in Colombo for selling medicines at higher price

The National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA) yesterday said it has taken necessary action against a leading private hospital in Colombo by issuing a stern warning to its management for selling essential medicines at a higher price than the prescribed Maximum Retail Price (MRP), The DailyNews reports.

The NMRA has taken this action against the relevant private hospital following complaints received from the two patients admitted for in-ward care of the relevant Private Hospital.

Pursuant to the complaints, the NMRA said it had also intervened to ensure that excess charges for the medicines used by the two patients were refunded to them.

Issuing a press release, NMRA Chairman Asita De Silva said that maximum retail prices have been imposed on several types of essential medicines and medical devices through a Gazette Extraordinary No.2123/35 on May 15, 2019 and these price regulations are applicable to all brand names and generic names of selected medicines.

“The NMRA also informed healthcare institutions to adhere to selling prices even for in-ward patients. Violating these provisions would be treated as an offence under NMRA Act, No.5 of 2015 and offending hospitals may have their pharmacy licenses cancelled,” release said.

The NMRA advised the general public to be vigilant and complain to the Authority if they are overcharged for prescribed medicines and to visit for further details on medicines under the price regulation through Gazette notification.  (DailyNews)