“ATM networks in Sri Lanka not compromised in anyway” LankaClear

March 3, 2020 at 6:56 PM

Lank Clear (Pvt) Ltd; a subsidiary of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and the operator of Sri Lanka’s National Payment Network in a statement says that the ATM networks in Sri Lanka has the highest security standards and its not compromised in anyway as some social media reports claimed.

“LankaClear has noticed certain incorrect messages circulating in social media relating to the security of ATMs of certain banks. We wish to inform the public that the common ATM network adheres to the highest security standards. All member banks have informed LankaClear that the ATM network of Sri Lanka is not compromised in anyway and safe to use.” LankaClear said in a Facebook Statement.

The Computer Society of Sri Lanka issuing a press release has requested the public to be aware of false, misleading reports about ICT platforms.

“There had been numerous inquiries from CSSL on recently published articles on various matters pertaining to the ICT industry by certain groups which are misleading with distorted facts detrimental to the general public who obtain services offered on ICT platforms.

We earnestly request the public not to be misled by any news items which do not have proper technical grounds and to verify the authenticity of parties who spread such irresponsible statements prior to using such information.” CSSL said in their statement.