Leading supermarket chain revitalizes e-commerce with ground-breaking changes!

August 21, 2020 at 8:04 PM

Retail industries around the world undergo transformational changes over time that either make or break them if consumers are not receptive to this change.

The Sri Lankan consumer although accustomed to the world of e-commerce favours shopping in person, even if they had the means and ability to do otherwise. They preferred choosing their fresh produce, seeing it weighed in front of them, walking the aisles of supermarkets and making it a family activity in certain cases.

The emergence of COVID-19 however, caused a major shift in consumer behaviour and attitudes. Retailers, on the other hand, were expected to cater to a digital consumer seemingly overnight, thus seeing 3 years’ worth of transformation in 3 months. They were tasked with sourcing adequate grocery supplies, finding alternative mediums to operate through, logistical issues and more.

The pandemic saw retailers all over the island rise to the challenge by recalibrating their entire sector and relying more and more on e-commerce and digital communications.

Keells, started small but achieved major milestones during this pandemic, continuing to deliver improvements week after week. They revamped the website with a queue management system, improved their product range from 90+ to 350+ and increased the number of daily orders from 1,000 to 10,000. Many customers are now dependent on e-commerce after trialing it and recognizing its convenience.

Constantly, throughout this crisis, the Keells team engaged with customers through social media channels in order to provide relevant information and respond to queries. More importantly, they used customer feedback to revamp www.keellssuper.com to provide a much quicker and convenient shopping experience. They reduced delivery fees to Rs.150, expanded the full store range online with over 5,000 fresh and dry products with real-time stock availability, improved the overall user interface and even enabled immediate cash refunds where required.

In anticipation of customers venturing out and going to work, Keells has re-introduced Click and Collect. Customers can avoid spending extended periods of time in crowded places post lockdown, thereby, effectively helping them to shop smart and safe.

Simply place an order online and pick up your groceries on your way home! No longer do you need to stand in long queues, crowded supermarkets or waste time in traffic. Trust Keells to have your order packed and ready to go for you, when you are ready to collect it up.

E-commerce is here to stay and Keells has capitalized on it, leading the way for Sri Lankan consumers. (NewsWire)