WATCH : Hundreds gather in Kegalle for alleged “Covid syrup” violating quarantine regulations

December 25, 2020 at 1:19 PM

People have gathered in the hundreds around Ayurveda practitioner Dhammika Bandara’s house in Kegalle in violation of quarantine regulations to obtain his indigenous medicine, which he claims has the capability of curing COVID-19.

People are reported to be standing in queues for kilometers to obtain the syrup, which is being distributed today.

The Kegalle District Secretary had intervened and halted the distribution of the syrup on a previous occasion, during which too thousands of people had gathered violating quarantine regulations.

The National Research Council of Sri Lanka has said it is yet to obtain a proposal on the syrup to conduct necessary research in order for it to be approved for distribution.

The Government too informed reporters that it had not granted approval to Dhammika Bandara to distribute the syrup, but he is able to do so as it has been approved as an Ayurveda food by the Pharmacology Unit of the Ayurveda Department. (NewsWire)