Three-day travel restriction to be enforced from tonight

May 13, 2021 at 10:47 AM

A three-day travel restriction will come into effect from 11 pm today (13) until 4 am on Monday. 

The Police said movements will not be allowed, even according to the National Identity Card (NIC) system, during this period.

Only essential services, such as health, food, water, electricity, etc. will be permitted to operate during the travel restriction.

The Police said all shops must remain closed from 11 pm today (13) to 04 am on Monday (17).

They further said, however, from 04 am on Monday (17) the NIC system will be introduced until 11 pm, every day.

A travel restriction will be imposed every day from 11 pm to 04 am starting from Monday (17), and will remain in effect till the 31st of May. (NewsWire)