Cultural Genocide in Inner Mongolia

May 29, 2021 at 2:02 PM

Since 2020, China has been continuing to ban teaching the Mongolian language in primary and secondary schools, and has recently started to take additional steps, like replacing Mongolian teachers with Chinese, and removing the Mongolian script from the banners, using the Chinese language instead, in addition to demolishing the Mongolian history and heritage in an attempt to delete the Mongolian language and cultural identity in Inner Mongolia.

Interview with (Batbaatar- Researcher and professor at National University of Mongolia):

In an interview with A24 Batbaatar , researcher and professor at National University of Mongolia stated that in China, the demolition of Genghis Khan’s monuments and cultural heritages written in Mongolian script has intensified over the past week and continues today. There has been a time when fascism is practiced, an internment camp was set up, Uighurs have been detained, Tibetan religion was controlled, the Mongolian language has been banned in Inner Mongolia, Hong Kong’s democracy is trampled, and Taiwan is threatened by military force. Humanity should oppose Chinese fascism and calls for the worldwide movement to liberation and freedom for everyone not only the minority but also the Chinese people.

Munkhbayar, advisor of Mongol heritage foundation, added that China has been pursuing a cultural genocide policy actively and explicitly in Xinjiang Uyghur and Tibet for four or five years, and in Inner Mongolia since last year. In this context, Chinese teachers are being transferred to Inner Mongolian primary and secondary schools, and Inner Mongolian teachers are being removed. This is just one form of cultural genocide. In addition, they banned the Mongolian script and have been replacing the Mongolian script and putting Chinese script on the signboard since this year.

Source : A24