CCTV : Thief attacks woman and steals handbag in Kohuwala

July 20, 2021 at 5:20 PM

A suspect who had attacked a woman with a knife in order to steal her handbag in the Kohuwala area has been arrested by the Mount Lavinia Police.

The Mount Lavinia Anti- Vice Squad had arrested the suspect, who had cut the hand of the woman while walking on the road in Kohuwala.

Investigations have revealed that a mobile phone worth Rs. 300,000, a bank book, credit card, and Rs. 10,000 in cash were found inside the bag.

The suspect had revealed during interrogations that the stolen bag had been hidden in a forest area in the Welipara area in Werahera.

The suspect is a 53-year-old resident of the Weraherawatte area in Boralesgamuwa and is reportedly addicted to narcotics.

The manner in which suspect escaping on a bicycle has been captured on a nearby CCTV camera. (NewsWire)