Snack it up with Foodguru – Must try snack items

July 27, 2021 at 4:18 PM

Foodwire recently received a snack package from Foodguru- a home based business who does snacks of all kinds- from nuts, to chips, to any dried fruits and these arrived right during tea time, and we could not be any happier about it.  

The package we got consisted of a homemade cashew mix, rice flake mixture, an indian mixture pouch and a tomato flavored Lays chip packet. Their homemade snack mixes were all neatly packed in aluminium pouched to maintain the crunch and sustain the freshness.

Favoring towards the Indian palette, this rice mixture is the perfect snack to munch on whenever you’re craving for a light snack. It was mildly spiced and had a lot of peanuts and raisins mixed through it, a little sweetness in every bite. This can be eaten on its own or as I found out, this really pairs well with your rice and curry, an apt substitute for your papadam.

Next we broke into the cashews, what stood out the most with these cashews was the unique spice blend that coated the cashews. It had the right balance of salt and spice- and was on par with the big cashew brands out there. What impressed us the most was how fresh these tasted- you would know that these are some premium grade cashews just by looking at it. So worth the price that you pay and are far more reasonably priced than most of the places that does cashews.

Even though I’ve tried a variety of Indian mixtures- just me being an ardent fan of Indian snacks- this specific mixture was a medley of flavors. It had a hint of sourness from the mango powder and an extra kick of spice in the fried green chilies that was sprinkled into it. This also had various nuts, seeds, grams and an assortment of other snacks- an Indian version of the chex mix.

And as for the Lays chips, no one needs any introduction, it’s undeniably good so I was a happy person indeed. Highly recommend this place to get all your snack fixes.

They are very active on Instagram-, so do drop them a dm to get your hands on these scrumptious goodies or contact them on 0772546777.


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