Important message to Covid recovered individuals

September 11, 2021 at 2:43 PM

Individuals who have recovered from COVID-19, especially adults, have been requested to refrain from exerting themselves for 3-5 weeks during the post recovery period, medical experts have advised.

Accoridng to the Daily Mirror, individuals who have recovered after being infected with either the Alpha or Delta variants of the virus have been advised to remain cautious during the post recovery period.

The medical experts said people, especially adults, who over exert themselves or do strenuous exercises during the post recovery period could face symptoms of ‘long Covid’.

As per the experts, ‘long Covid’ includes unusual tiredness, difficulty in concentration, aches, and pains all over the body, especially the joints, and lack of motivation.

Some patients could also face depression due to society’s behavior, as the coronavirus was still a stigma in Sri Lanka, while the symptoms of ‘long Covid’ could continue for 3 to 5 weeks, they added.

The medical experts have however, advised against complete bed rest as this could cause blood clotting fears.

Therefore, doctors have urged patients who have recovered from COVID-19 not to over exert themselves for a few weeks. (NewsWire)