HOME LANDS: The Most Preferred Brand in the Residential Real Estate Sector

January 5, 2022 at 3:15 PM

Home Lands Group is the largest residential real estate solution provider in Sri Lanka, owning 45% of the market share. It is known for its exquisite land plots and opulent residential spaces aimed at the local and global masses. Home Lands Group was founded in 2003 and comprises nine (09) well-established companies which makes it a total 360 degree total solutions provider and is currently the undisputed leader in the residential real estate sector.

Home Lands Group was recognized as the Most Preferred Brand in the Residential Real Estate Sector, and the No.1 Brand with the Highest Brand Awareness among local prospective customers and the diaspora as per the recent RIU brand health survey. This is merely because of the virtue of bringing stylish and modern residential solutions to their valued customers coupled with outstanding customer service.

In addition, CIDA has certified Home Lands Skyline (Pvt) Ltd and Home Lands Holding (Pvt) Ltd as the first real estate companies in Sri Lanka with the Highest-Grade Property Developer (LB1 and L1) status for 2021, proving their capability to all stakeholders.

Home Lands Skyline was the first real estate company in Sri Lanka to implement the Blue Ocean Strategy in residential market space and came up with a novelty concept of ‘Resort Apartments’. This facilitates ‘Affordable Luxury’ in the Sri Lankan residential market, and attracts many customers who appreciate an innovative lifestyle over a conventional way of living.

So far, Home Lands Holding (Pvt) Ltd has completed over 550 land development projects, and Home Lands Skyline (Pvt) Ltd has developed and constructed over 3000 apartments and individual houses, most of which have been completed and handed over to their owners. This deep and heartfelt relationship which they have formed over the years was reinforced and reflected in the results of the RIU study.

As per the RIU study, Home Lands Group was named one of the top two preferred brands to invest in the residential real estate sector across all income groups and was rated the No.1 Brand within the mid-level and the upper-class income brackets. This demonstrates that the Home Lands Group is committed to offering affordable luxury in the residential market space for people of all income ranges.

Moreover, it is estimated that there are currently nearly 4.1 million salaried employees in the private and government sector and Home Lands was ranked the highest in brand awareness in both sectors.

In their pursuit of being a global brand of choice, they have currently estimated diaspora to be around 2.1 million. Moreover, the luxury apartment and residential category has witnessed a capital appreciation of around 25% in the recent years. Their projections based on these statistics show that nearly 140,000 Sri Lankan diaspora residents are willing to purchase residential properties in Colombo and its suburbs in the next three years.

Value innovation is one of Home Lands key strategies to pursue differentiation and low cost simultaneously. In addition, they focus on cost optimization and process enhancement, through which they expect to provide better offerings to their valued customers. This concept of value innovation is part of their DNA.

“We thrive with immense R&D and have taken the needs of Colombo frequenters into account. This plays a significant role in today’s residential real estate market demand and has influenced how residential solutions are designed.” Chairman and Managing Director of Home Lands Group of Companies, Mr. Nalin Herath said. “Our pursuit of new trends to operate the business in a more customer-focused manner has brought us the brand loyalty we have today” he added.

“We want to be recognized as a global brand of choice and a partner of preference in the residential real estate sector by further capitalizing on our brand equity. Our goal is to be the first name that comes to mind when one is searching for a residential solution. In addition, our innovative offerings and excellent customer service certainly brings our brand closer to peoples’ lives”, CEO of Home Lands Skyline, Mr. Yasas L. Pathiranage concluded.