Mistral Air Coolers – the energy-efficient and cost-effective appliance that maximizes your comfort during the hottest months.

September 15, 2022 at 4:57 PM

When the hottest months of the year arrive and the mercury soars, it comes as no surprise that we all feel discomfort, affecting our moods, daily efficiency, and productivity. So how can we beat the heat?

Make a smart decision, Invest in Mistral Air Coolers, and beat the heat.

The perfect air cooler that will cool and comfort you throughout these scorching months. Save more money and energy when using an Air Cooler instead of an air conditioner. Relax your mind and feel the cool breeze gently touching your cheeks from Mistral Air Cooler. It is an affordable luxury appliance that you need to own now!

Know why Mistral MAC200R is your best choice.


Mistral MAC200R has excellent energy efficiency. It uses 95% less power (W) and consumes 99% less power per hour (Kw/h) as compared to a 9000BTU or 1HP Air conditioner.

Cost-effective and easy to maintain

Mistral MAC200R not only saves you time due to its easy set-up, but it also saves you money on your utility bills and has a low maintenance cost. Mistral MAC200R needs no technical assistance and can be easily maintained by you. The pre-filter can be easily rinsed and dried for long-lasting clean air.


Mistral MAC200R is a 100% environment-friendly appliance. Mistral MAC200R produces ZERO carbon emissions. You can be part of the responsible community to help reduce global warming by choosing an Air Cooler over an air conditioner.

Fresh & excellent quality air

No more stale air with Mistral MAC200R! It comes with 3 speeds and an automatic left and right swing, ventilating the area evenly with a fresh, cool breeze. In addition, it comes with 2 filters, a pre-filter, and a honeycomb filter, to provide you with fresh and clean air.

Enjoy a longer chill with a large capacity tank. Mistral MAC200R has a 20L built-in tank that allows a long-lasting cooling effect throughout the day. For a maximum cooling effect, you can add cold water to the tank.

Stylish, durable, and reliable

Mistral MAC200R is beautifully designed with a soothing to-the-eyes look & feel featuring blue LED light and touch sensor panel control. It can complement any of your moods throughout the day with 3 programmed modes. You can also move it around with ease with 4 durable castor wheels attached to it.

Mistral Air Coolers are crafted with high-quality materials and built to look stylish & durable & most importantly it has made luxury more affordable. Feel the breeze and ease when using Mistral Air Coolers.

Shop at any Abans showroom or Abans online and take home a brand-new Mistral Air Cooler. Your affordable luxury cooling partner!